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I'm a 23 yr retired veteran of the United States Military, owner and K-9 Handler of Snyders K-9 Scent Detection (Narcdoggie). Myself and K-9 Furax were trained by Storm Dog Training L.L.C., a company operated by Disabled Law Enforcement Officers, located in Sunbury, Ohio. Storm Dog is a D.E.A. and A.T.F. Licensed Facility and a Certified Police K9 Training facility by the Ohio Attorney Generals Office and the Ohio Peace Officer's Training Academy. Snyders K-9 Scent Detection (Narcdoggie) is also certified by DrugBeat a National K9 Certification for narcotics.

Snyders K-9 Scent Detection (Narcdoggie) is a drug detection service using a trained and certified canine to locate the presence of drugs in private residences and commercial and private business. The service is completely confidential. Narcdoggie is privately held and is not affiliated with any government agency or law enforcement entity. Narcdoggie provides you with a confidential method for finding out if someone you love or if someone you work with is using drugs in your home or business. Our narcotics detecting dog and its certified handler discreetly visit your home or business to sniff out any problems. Using a Narcotics detection dog is a definate way to detect the use of illegal drugs rather than a drug test which can be altered or deceived in various ways.

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