A drug-free workplace helps:

Lower production costs
Lower medical costs
Decrease absenteeism
Reduce Workmen's Compensation claims
Reduce waste and theft
Obtain greater profits
Employees can be safe from the eroded performance and the dangers resulting from the influence of drug controlled co-workers. Keeps the support of dedicated employees who attempt to do the job right and who attempt to give an honest day's labor for an honest day's pay. Employees enjoy higher levels of morale, You are required by federal law.

Federal Drug-Free Workplace Act requires contractors and grantees to maintain a drug-free workplace.

Publish a Drug-Free Workplace statement and policy
Establish an ongoing awareness program for employees
Require employees to inform employer of drug conviction
Require employer to inform Fed. agency of conviction
Require corrective actions for convicted employee
The DOT Regulations of 1991 require employers with commercial motor vehicles engaged in transportation to implement drug free workplace programs which do the following:

Pre-employment screening
Random testing
Reasonable suspicion testing
Post accident testing
Follow-up testing

And if that's not reason enough, check information and statistics from the United States Department of Labor at

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